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Demo Wiki : eleet warez

Each group will be assigned course content for which they are to assemble a Blackboard Wiki and give a related in-class presentation. The Wiki and presentations are to include original photographs taken by group member with explanatory text and any necessary sketches or diagrams that explain which course content these images relate to and in what way.

Here is the format for Project #1, as found in the assignment descriptions. 

Hunting For Images

1. Each member of the group captures three (3) images for each topic/term/concept on the group’s list.

2. Each member puts these 15 images into their group's Blackboard Journal with their name underneath.

3. Once they are in the journal, each member looks them over and picks their favorite image for each topic/term/concept.

4. They then post their favorites to the groups wiki, with a caption that specifies the topic/term/ concept that the picture is associated with and how the group member thinks it relates.

5. Once all members have posted their images, the group then decides on one (1) image from those posted on the wiki that they think best represents each topic/term/concept. That’s one image per topic... So, if you have six items on your list, that’s six images. You dig?

6. When you have narrowed the images down to the top picks, you should create a list of them at the bottom of the wiki leaving the originals above.

7. Finally, the group should prepare to share these images in class. Everyone should talk about one of the images in the list and be able to explain how it relates to the topic/term/concept.

So, the Wiki should look something like this:

List of Group Members:

Sally G.

Billy A.

Jimmy Z.

Buffy E.

Lizzie R.

List of Topics/Terms/Concepts:

1. This Term

2. That Topic

3. Art Element

4. Art Principle

5. Art Babble


Each Group Member will have a section in the Wiki where they post there images:

Buffy Q. Images:

This image is the perfect embodiment of THIS TERM. The bark is just SOOOOO THIS TERM. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. 
I was stuck at a work picnic the other day when I stumbled upon this plate. This photo is a great example of THAT TOPIC, I hope you agree. The way the flowers work in the composition reminds me a lot of the readings in the book about THAT TOPIC. 

ART ELEMENT is really common in the urban environment but you can also find it in things found in nature, as this picture demonstrates.

The subtle fluctuations in this sign post, are a great example of a real world object possessing THAT PRINCIPLE that we discussed in class, BOY, THIS IS FUN!

Wow, I couldn't believe that ART BABBLE that the professor was talking about in class last week, well, you could imagine the surprise when I was looking through my little brothers toys, and I found this perfect example of what he was talking about. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS THING, ART BABBLE INCARNATE! 


I started to look around for THIS TERM in the area around my house. I found this little water valve cover in the sidewalk and I thought it was a great example of THIS TERM. Look how the text and the texture work to suggest THIS TERM. 

And SO ON Until all members have posted one (1) image for each item on the list with a caption explaining how it fits in. 

Then a section at the bottom, where the group puts their top picks for each of the listed items. And a caption that briefly explains why the group thought this image was best. 

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