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Hybrid Artifact #1 : eleet warez


Donald Fortescue and Matthew Hebert’s first collaboration has taken the form of a glitchy scientific experiment, which will be shown at The Furniture Society Conference 2012 in Portland, Maine. The process was as follows:

1. Create whittles and chose six specimens using an array of mystical processes.
2. Arrange the whittles in a row based on gut-level intuition.
3. Scan Whittle A then Whittle B allowing the software to perform extensive alterations in an effort to fuse the two forms into one. Rearrange and rescan as needed, for more interesting forms.
4. Three-dimensionally print the results in ABS plastic resulting in Whittle Hybrid A/B.
5. Repeat.
6. Scan Whittle Hybrid A/B then Whittle Hybrid B/C, once again letting the software have its way. This time fiddling with orientation and resolution hoping for compelling forms.
7. Three-dimensionally print the results.
8. French fit the whole set of Whittles and Whittle Hybrids into a nice box for transportation and
subsequent display on the wall.

Through this process, the we aimed to highlight potential similarities and differences between the practices of whittling and three-dimensional scanning. By exploiting an unintended application of the three-dimensional scanning software, the scanning process becomes intuitive and generative in the same way whittling can be. The “marks of the hand” found in the whittles are contrasted with the “marks of the machine” inherent to the three-dimensional prints. These artifacts become one of the focal points of the project. Additionally, the piece indexes the practices of taxonomy and botanical and genetic splicing, through the experimental nature of the process, the final forms of the objects, and the nature of their display.

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