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Always Oneness : eleet warez


When longtime friend, Rex Shelverton, of San Fancisco based band, Bellavista, invited me to create a music video for one of their recent songs I couldn’t resist the challenge. Rex was inspired by test videos of my Ghillie Theremin and thought it would be a good fit for Bellavista’s song “Always Oneness.” The melancholic sound of the song as well as lyrics inspired the visual content of the video:

Always keep the wind to your shoulder
Oneness with our moment and promise
Windows to the world underwater
A doorway is closed not lost its always.

Almost feel the wind pull us closer
Somehow feeling faith pull us under
Forward to be near her again
Tomorrow implodes today it's always.

The Ghillie Theremin was developed as a Kinect based project to use my movements in a ghillie suit as a means of creating drones for Gabie Strong's Crystalline Morphologies performance at the Hammer Museum in LA. The performance was part of the KCHUNG.TV programming for the Made in L.A. Biennial.

A Processing sketch uses the Kinect to create a depth image of the environment and the ghillie suited player. There are two channels, left and right, which generate variable frequencies based on the closest point's height within the field of view. These points are highlighted by the red dots. Overall gain is controlled by the player's proximity to the Kinect (closer = louder). There are various settings which can be controlled by the player. These include: frequency multiplier, reverb, and distortion. The ghillie suit is an interesting way to introduce chance into the instrument. The sketch is constantly trying to determine the closest point on the left and right, and the overly textured surface of the ghillie introduces plenty of noise into the situation.

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