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Transgressing in a Ribbon : eleet warez


Unmanned Minerals (Matthew Hebert, Jared Stanley, Gabie Strong)

Transgressing in a Ribbon was installed as part of the &Now 2011 Festival of New Writing: Tomorrowland Forever at UC-San Diego.

Transgressing in a Ribbon seeks to present an embodied reading experience, in which the imagination is radically placed in a particular space with a particular history. For the Unmanned Minerals collective (Jared Stanley, Gabie Strong, and Matthew Hebert), the expansion of the form of the book brought about by the advent of the Kindle, the Ipad, and any number of book apps, has freed us to think about the book in a much broader way. Indeed, it has allowed us to think in direct contrast to this emerging model of virtual books and networked reading in two senses: first, the attempt to recreate the form of the book electronically is reactive, and presents a book as an artifact, suggesting that any new form for the book must be remade in the image of the original. Second, and more importantly for the writer interested in embodied experience and spatiality, ebooks impose a status of virtuality, radically collapsing the act of reading even further into a completely anthropocentric environment, the Internet. These new technologies focus on an antiquated idea of the physical material of reading, but not on the contemplative space created by the book. Transgressing in a Ribbon is a book in this sense.

[Rock On]

C’mon psychopomp, let's go

confuse death with saplings

or map the inflorescing

soul, a rip in my look

point a fluttering weed at

a point fluttering a weed

a helix of cross-purposes

bend through the orderly

arc in my dead zone

alone by the culvert

our balding copse

breaks out in shapes

your human mockingbird's face

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